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Start measuring.

Improve your diet, sleep, stress, fatigue with affordable at-home lab testing. Find answers and get in-app recommendations.
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How it works

1. Starter Test & Consultation
Starter Test & Consultation
In the comfort of home or at Quest Diagnostics. We make it easy.
2. Get detailed results within days
Get detailed results within days
Learn what’s not optimal or root causes to your symptoms in-app.
3. Personalized recommendations
Personalized recommendations
Based on your results. Data-driven nutritional and lifestyle improvements.
4. Track Improvements
Track Improvements
Receive tailored tests based on your profile, activity and your goals.

Tech that
evolves with you

Your Results
Your Results
Your Results
See your lab results and score insights directly on your phone. Get the answers to how hormone and vitamin imbalances are affecting your health.
Your Recommendations
Your Recommendations
Your Recommendations
Get data-driven recommendations based on your results to holistically improve your diet, supplements, and lifestyle habits.
Your Plan
Your Plan
Your Plan
Your plan is personalized to your health journey and evolves with you overtime. Track your progress and see how the improvements you make affect your body.

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test stress
When meditation is not enough to calm those anxious feelings
test diet
Understand weight plateaus, bloating and nutrient deficiencies
test sleep
You’ve already tried everything to fix your sleep. The answer may not be Melatonin
test energy
Fight chronic fatigue, brain fog, exhaustion and more
test sex-drive
Sex Drive
It may not be your partner (or toys), it could be your hormones
8-tests-in-one bundle
Base complete plan box
Base Complete Bundle
Base Complete is an all-in-one testing plan that measures your baseline to understand what’s impacting your diet, stress, fatigue and general health. Discover which hormones, nutrients, or vitamins are affecting your well-being.
Collect at-home or at Quest Diagnostics
Collect at-home or at Quest Diagnostics
Includes 8 tests in one
Includes 8 tests in one
Get a personalized improvement plan based on results
Get a personalized improvement plan based on results
Lola Priego

See Lola's Results + Recommendations

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You’ll get a look inside the app at her profile, including the first tests in her Diet Track, her results, and the recommendations Base provided after helping her discover hormonal imbalances were contributing to her mood and fatigue.
Secured Encrypted Data
Secured Encrypted Data
Privacy by design. Our team of engineers work hard to secure all of your health data.
Physician reviewed
Physician reviewed
Tests ordered and reviewed by a board-certified physician facilitated by our technology.
Certified Labs
Certified Labs
Like Quest Diagnostics. Each lab that we work with has obtained state and federal certifications.