Comprehensive Preventative
Health Plans

Decrease your company’s medical expenses by helping your employees proactively manage their health. Get personalized nutrition and lifestyle plans based on lab results.
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Traditional Plans Aren’t Working
Benefits plans are costing you more and are being used less by employees.
of people struggle with chronic issues linked to nutritional, hormonal and vitamin health
of adults skip their annual physical, even before the pandemic
expected increase in employer health costs in 2023 (2x compared to 2022)
How it works
Base Addresses the biggest health concerns your workforce faces.
At home lab testing & <br>medical advice
At home lab testing &
medical advice
Measure your hormone, vitamin, and nutrient levels from the comfort of your home. Get medically-vetted insights and access to a dedicated science team all in-app.
Nutrition plans based on <br>hormone & vitamin levels
Nutrition plans based on
hormone & vitamin levels
Get a personalized nutritional plan with recommended grocery lists based on the biomarker levels associated with your goal or symptoms.
15-minute video <br>coaching sessions
15-minute video
coaching sessions
Schedule nutrition & health coaching sessions on your time. Understand your results & lifestyle affect your symptoms and prevent you from achieving your goal.
Our Impact
We deliver real, measurable outcomes for your employees saving you more than $1000 per employee on average.
of members lowered their Cholesterol into healthy ranges
of members decreased their HbA1c levels avoiding the probability of developing diabetes
Improved their Vitamin D significantly improving their daily energy
Our app engagement
Base will become your employees’ favorite benefit to use.
Of users testing with
Base take a retest within 3 months
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Base is changing the lives of our members

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